Our sea services division acts as the maritime gateway connecting distant shores, ensuring the smooth transit of goods across expansive oceanic routes. Leveraging a sophisticated network of maritime partners and a dedication to on-time deliveries, Rahyab guarantees the secure and punctual transportation of your cargo by sea.

Why Sea freight ?

Sea freight is the preferred choice for secure and efficient delivery of diverse shipments, ensuring effective traceability and control. With flexible transport solutions, certified packaging, and specialized handling for unique shipments, it offers efficient and versatile cargo transportation across the seas.


Sea transshipment involves the seamless transfer of goods between different transportation modes to enhance routing efficiency. Take advantage of our strategically positioned transshipment hub in Jebel Ali, UAE, which plays a pivotal role in improving the connectivity of your shipments. This hub facilitates smooth transitions, minimizing transit times and ensuring the efficient movement of your cargo throughout its maritime journey.

We recognize that every shipment is unique. Therefore, we offer flexible and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

FCL (Full Container Load)
In FCL, a shipment fully utilizes the space of a container, whether it’s a standard container or another type. and is optimal for larger shipments that demand the exclusive use of a container.

LCL (Less Than Container Load)
In LCL, a shipment occupies a portion of a container, sharing the space with other shipments. This is a cost-effective solution for smaller shipments that do not require the entire container.

Here are the general volumes for the main container types:

Container TypeMaximum cargo volume
20-foot33 cubic meters (CBM)
40-foot67.5 CBM
40-foot high cube76 CBM
20ft Refrigerated Container28 CBM
40′ Reefer high-cube container67 CBM
40′ Open top container64 CBM
20′ Open top container32 CBM

Bulk cargo comprises unpackaged goods, like grains and liquids, transported in large quantities. Our streamlined handling involves specialized equipment for loading and unloading, ensuring secure stowage. Committed to efficiency and safety, we provide reliable solutions for the transportation of bulk cargo across different modes.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Multimodal transportation seamlessly combines road, sea, and air modes for efficient cargo movement. Our expertise ensures smooth transitions between modes, optimizing routes for cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries. With a robust network and strategic partnerships, we provide flexible and reliable solutions, enhancing connectivity and meeting diverse logistical needs.

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